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Easy Caulk®

Press in Place Caulk Strips With Professional Results

Easy Caulk® Press in Place Caulking Strips, with a high performance adhesive, are a caulk free, no mess caulk strip. Easy Caulk® uses a revolutionary new flexible “wing” design for superior sealing ability against moisture and debris.

Easy Caulk® Products work great for all surfaces and are designed to look like a professionally installed bead of caulk but are simple enough for anyone to install in minutes with no drying time required. Standard colors available are Black, White, Bisque, Taupe and Grey and come in 10 foot lengths.

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A healthier alternative to caulking

All of our Easy Caulk® Products use a proprietary high performance non-toxic adhesive that is safe for pets and people with no toxic smells or chemicals that can leach out over time. Our caulk strips are made from USA made PVC which is a stable encapsulated polymer that does not require curing to solidify or give off any toxic fumes during the installation process.

Responsible, easy-open, 100% recyclable packaging

Easy Caulk® Products come in a recyclable cardboard box and spool and are 100% landfill free if properly recycled.  Traditional caulking comes in a tube that contains plastics, metals and partially used product that ends up in landfills by the millions every year. Easy Caulk® Products do not require drying time to cure and can be used 100% or a portion may be stored for use at a later date without drying out. This allows our products to be 100% landfill free and packaging that has been minimized to reduce our carbon footprint.

Paying it forward with 5% of "net" sales going to the American Lung Association

Easy Caulk® Products believe in the support of healthy lungs with support for research and awareness of lung cancer and diseases. To this end, we will donate 5% of “net” sales to support The American Lung Association of Minnesota.

Minnesota Made with 100% USA sourced materials and packaging.

All of our Easy Caulk® products are manufactured in Minnesota with 100% sourced USA materials and packaging.