Easy Caulk® Caulk Strips | $9.95 Per Kit| Free Shipping

Available in the following colors for countertops, bathrooms, sinks, toilets, boats & RVs and Window Weatherstripping.

Black Insta CaulkStainless Gray Insta CaulkWhite Insta CaulkBisque Insta CaulkTaupe Insta CaulkWindow Weatherstripping and Caulk Strips

Window Weatherstripping

Easy Caulk® No Fuss Caulking Strips, with high performance adhesive tape, are a caulk free peel and stick caulk strip product that uses a revolutionary new flexible wing design to seal all surfaces. Easy Caulk® caulk strips are suitable for bathtubsshowers, countertops, boats, RVs and as window weatherstripping. With our proprietary flexible wing design, you can be assured of a tight seal on on your project. Easy Caulk® is a revolutionary new product to cover cracks and seams on bathtubs, showers, countertops, boats, RVs and windows.

Easy Caulk® is a PVC extrusion that utilizes A high quality “proprietary” adhesive that will adhere just about any surface. Easy Caulk® caulk strips come in pre-packaged bathtub and shower trim kits, countertop trim kits weatherstripping trim kits and boat and RV trim kits. In addition, Easy Caulk® No Fuss Caulking Strips work great for wall corners, sinks, urinals, toilet bases or any other 90 degree application. Easy Caulk® comes in standard colors of Black, White, Bisque, Taupe and Stainless Gray. Custom colors are available upon request and with a minimum order.

We DO recommend the use of Easy Caulk® caulk strips on any 90° corner!

Easy Caulk® Caulk Strip Kits are designed to conform to any 90 degree surface with our Patent Pending “wing” design that is tapered to follow any irregularities in the surface and create a tight finish that will shed liquids and solids. In addition, PVC is inherently resistant to mold growth and will provide a higher quality finished corner that is easy to clean and will last for many years without degradation from cleaning solutions and abrasives commonly used on countertops and plumbing fixtures.