Marine and RV Caulking Strips

Boat and RV Caulk Strips

Boat and RV Caulk Strips

Easy Caulk® Marine and RV Caulking Strip Kits have the ability to fill and seal up to a 1/4″ gap. Easy Caulk® will provide an attractive, easy to clean long term solution to your boat or RV.  Easy Caulk® will work on fiberglass, plastics, wood and glass with our Patent Pending “wing” design that is tapered to follow any irregularities in the surface and create a tight finish that will shed liquids and solids. In addition, PVC is inherently resistant to mold growth and will provide a higher quality finished corner that is easy to clean and will last for many years without degradation from cleaning solutions and abrasives commonly used on boats and RVs.

Available in the following colors:

Black Insta CaulkStainless Gray Insta CaulkWhite Insta CaulkBisque Insta CaulkTaupe Insta Caulk



10 Foot Total Length | $9.95 Each


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